Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bridal Makeup at Dewan PPS, Sembulan

Here is my latest client which I had done recently for a wedding reception on
the 23rd of November 2008.
For the 1st time in my experience, had to wait for my client and make things worse I only had about an hour to get her ready!
When she arrived she had already makeup on from her 'nikah' ceremony done by her relative *cringe!!*.
After removing most of her makeup I then did my routine makeup procedure & gave her a more softer look. Here are the results :
For her foundation I used m.a.c's full coverage cream based concealer to cover up her pores as I immediately noticed her porous skin texture & used Pixy powder to set the desired skin tone.
I then did a socket eye technique to enlarge her naturally small eyes and kept her shading to a subtle tone. If you love her blush, it is from m.a.c's sheer tone blush in 'Margin'.
Here is a collage of her makeup together with a final shot of Seri Pengantin manager, Pn.Noraini, the bride & me!
( click to enlarge)

My Classmate's Wedding

4th of October 2008
**Wedding of Zodee & Felicia**

Time moves on so quickly and it has been about 10 years since I left school.
This would have been my 2nd time to makeup my classmates (with Mary Ng being the first) who needed my service!
Anyways, it seemed like yesterday when Zodee was sitting behind my desk in class and now it was his turn to get settle down with the beautiful Felicia.
Anyways, here are the before & after pics of the bride :
This would be my typical bridal makeup. Nothing overly done. Just sweet and simple. Lesser on the eyeshadow but more emphasis on fuller lashes to waken up the eye and off course a very fresh base to last the whole morning mass till lunch!
Hair was kept into a very clean bun as she was wearing a heavier veil.
Really loved her wedding dress and that contrasting red roses
The next look is indeed a reminicence of that unduk ngadau feel.
Her makeup was maintained but i couldn't resist changing her lip colour to compliment her overall look.
Here she is with my classmate Zodee, who on that was smiled from ear to ear!
I'm glad that he found his bliss beside Felicia.
Their reception continued into the night and it was my final task to complete the last of her 3 looks which I have pre-envisioned. Naturally her previous hair had to be redone again to compliment her evening look. So for about 15 minutes setting her already heavily sprayed hair curl it into a nice high crown, here are the results :
As for her makeup I did a smoky eye very suitable for the evening look as her day look was more towards natural & healthy earth tones. You gotta match everything ya know!
Looking back at her before pic you'd never believe how pretty she really is and that is the power of makeup! I guess that I finally unleashed her inner-star!

Bridal Makeup at Petagas

Wedding of Ms.Idah in Sembulan.
Last year's August had been a really busy month for me but I didn't mind since 'puasa' would be coming up soon which means lesser demands for Malay weddings.
Anyway here is the bride with her before & after shots :
Makeup was nothing new except for the bold color she had for the dress, which meant I had to use a bolder choice of color to complement the whole look.
I just played around with a stronger eye as usual while balancing out her color palette.
Gloss was usd to highlight the strong color to her lips.
The happy bride & groom together

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bridal Makeup at Kimanis Papar

Here's another one of my makeup adventures out of town in the middle last year's June in a far away place called Kimanis.
Due to the travel distance, I was already behind my time and to make matters worse, my boss left out 1 big, HUGE, gigantic detail : the bride was to wear a Javanese outfit with her hair to be set accordingly to their traditional heritage.
( think : now what am I going to do when I was informed that she was going to be in Tudung? ) God help me, I did not bring enough supply of hair pins let alone a single hair extention! arghh~ but with true determination i managed to pull it off. So here are her before & after :
The look was truly a traditional Javanese-styled makeup with traditionally drawn hairline. Had I been informed earlier, I would have brought along ink or face paint but I just had to do with black eyeshadow, a damp brush and lots of water! Thank God for my m.a.c eyeshadow in Carbon.Base was from m.a.c hypereal liquid foundation ( NC30 ) and bronzers from The Body Shop. Here is another half body shot of her:
27th of July - 11am
This time I really made sure I was early. Besides, I've already been there so I didn't really have any trouble finding it.
Anyway, today she was to wear a green toned dress and so decided to turn things around by giving her another look. Makeup was kept to a minimal to reveal translucent skin and an overall glow. My idea was to keep it looking natural but defined especially around the eyes. Lips were kept light and finished with clear gloss.
As for her hairdo, her crowning glory was kept high to bring out the tiara as well as to elongate her face.
Overall she loved it and told me that she has been practising her facials expression to have a nice shot. There's only so much that a stylist or makeup artist can do and it is advisable that you take time to look in the mirror & find out what angle and expression brings out your best!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bridal Makeup for Berinai Ceremony & Reception

Up next is one of my Seri Pengantin client who got married in August 2008.
Ms. Aisyah - You gotta know how to make 'em younger!
Here are her before & after pics :
On the first night, I did a simple touch for her engagement ceremony where she wore this beautifully lace & beaded baju kurung in white.
Naturally, I did a sheer finish as if she didn't wear makeup and as always focused more on eye intensity by adding a few strip of false lashes.
Lips were colored with a sweet pink to give her that innocent touch.
Right after the reception, she did a quick change into a bronze dress with gold beading accents for her Berinai ceremony which is customary to muslim brides on the night before their wedding day.
Her makeup was adjusted to compliment her outfit, but still maintained the same effortless finishing.
Her brows were not yet trimmed and were filled in with dark brown shadow. Eyes were given a brown & bronze smoky effect and lips to a more earth tone.
Hair was loosely side parted into a bun and finished off with a golden tiara to match her dress.
On the next day, she wore this amazing shocking pink dress!
However makeup wasn't too overdone because I wanted her to have a more youthful look as compared to her natural beauty.
I cleaned out her bushy eyebrows to give them some shape & definition while giving her a more dramatic eye lining to emphasize its liveliness.
No false lash was used but coats and coats of mascara!
Finishing was a radiant pinky glow and light fuscia lips overlayed with gloss.
Here is the radiant bride & me.

Bridal Makeup for Darker Skintones

What do with darker and skintones? Enhance..enhance..enhance!
But make sure to not over do it otherwise it would turn out unnatural!
This makeup was for a 20 year old getting married to a guy from Singapore.
This just goes to show how foundation is good for your skin.
Instant radiance and elevated skintone.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bridal Makeup at Putatan

Done somewhere in the month of May of 2008, I remember running to & fro from my rehearsals to this wedding.
This is another one of my Seri Pengantin customer.
Here are her before & after pics :

Bridal Makeup at Kota Belud

~ 9th of March 2008 ~
This was my 1st assignment & experience working with Seri Pengantin Bridal.
I had the chance to travel several miles north of KK to do the makeup of Donnah, a 25 year old Chinese-Bajau girl who works in KL.
As ordered by the boss, I had to make it as grand as possible so these were the outcome of my work :
Donnah's Engagement Ceremony
Makeup was done rather heavy considering the ceremony was at night.
I used mostly elianto products to achieve this look and played around with a lot of shading & highlights.
~ 9th of March 2008 ~
Donnah's Wedding Ceremony
For her wedding ceremony, she wore the traditional Bajau costume complete with her original ancestral accessories. Her 1st makeup I did a much lighter touch to bring contrast to her already bright outfit.
As for her second look, I decided to rev up the Glam by giving her more warmer & heavier choice of colors to her overall look.
With added intensity to her eyes, I completed her look with a rich lip color.
Hair was set to a more grand hairdo to complement her wonderful crown.

Bridal Makeup for Engagement

To kick off my new blog, allow me to show you pics of my works from the past.
I am happy to be able to look back & see my progress.
Anyhow, this was a previous work for one of my mum's friend's daughter in 2008. It was a transformation makeup for her simple engagement ceremony held in Inanam.
My challenge was to refine her skin tone while keeping it as simple as possible.
Makeup I used were very basic like elianto & silky girl. And I wasn't into brushes yet!