Monday, March 23, 2009

Wedding of Daniela & Aloysius

~ 29th January 2009 ~
This is the time my camera was being sent to KL for repair so I have NO personal shots of the makeover process. * sigh*
I do however have some footages of the Wedding compliments of Wendell from, who happens to be their official photographer ( recommended by me! ). As well as from some people who attended their wedding, posted online - Thank God for Facebook!

The Morning Mass : Sweet and Simple
Makeup was kept to its minimal, enhancing the bride's natural beauty.
Morning mass held at Sacred Heart Cathedral with refreshments after the ceremony.

The Evening Reception : Old School Glam Revisited

Day turns into night as excitements steps in.
Her look was about old Hollywood glamour, unleashing her inner elegant diva.
An evening reception to remember at Magellan Ballroom.
This is one of my all -time favourite looks on a bride yet takes some aquired taste to appreciate.
Hair was kept sleek upfront and set into a high beehive to lengthen & balance her overall look. Simple yet elegant, reminding me of the infamous Imelda Marcos and her shoe collection.

The couple marching in...
And they Spoke
They Danced
They Smiled
They Laughed
They lived happily ever after!

Trial Makeup for Daniella Kinsik

~10th January 2009 ~
This is an interesting story that I have to share with you!
Daniela was referred to me via a friend's friend and she had a lot of middlemen who did the arrangement for her wedding.
She had about 2 weeks to go and she still has yet to finalize her dress & makeup artist *gasp!*
To cut the story even shorter, she requested for a trial makeup - which is my FIRST in entire experience! But I had to please the sceptics and off course there's always a first to everything.
Its not easy to please a woman but I'm glad that she was fussy because that means that she's a perfectionist and knows what she wants.
So honestly, I was kind of scared of the whole process. It was as if my work was being judged. And to top off the icing, she disclosed that she had previously been to 4 other makeup artists before me! Each of them had promised to deliver but ended up in disappointment.
So I vowed to give her my best. Here are the outcome of the trial makeover :
She recently came back from a trip which left her with very dry & patchy skin so I did my best to neutralize and give her a healthy, even skin tone to smoothen out her look.
I then proceeded to enhance her eyes, which were one of her MAIN concerns - being small. So I did a sample of her daytime makeup to church which was a smoky eye in Browns topped off with medium lashes. Her cheeks & face were then shaded to give them a more contoured and slimmer effect resulting in a very happy customer.
I am indeed greatful for this experience which has shown me that I should believe more in myself and that I am blessed with the ability to transform even the unbeliever. Trust me, this is the most fussiest bride to date! But with this, I know now that nothing is impossible with determination and a dose of foundation and lashes! *Smile*
Thanks for Reading!

Bridal Makeup at Inanam

~ 3rd of January ~
A new year has stepped in and this is my first bride for 2009!
Here is Jikilin @ Momoi who happens to be a long time friend who I met since 2001 in S.M All Saints. Who knew that 8 years later she will be tying the knot with her high-school sweetheart! *awhh~*
Anways, this makeup was done for her home reception @ Kg. Sinulihan, Inanam & hairdo done by her close friend.
Here are her before & after shots :
She has relatively clear skin with minimal breakouts so it was easier for me to set her base. I used m.a.c's strobe cream to prep her skin & finished off with loose powder from Miyami.
As she had smaller eyes, I did a more socket eyeshadow with heavy liner to enhance them. Blush is m.a.c's sheertone blush in Margin and lip color from Shishedo.
Here are the closer details of her makeup :
With the lovely couple dressed in traditional Kadazan Penamapang costumes!
All photographs from this post is taken using a normal Sony digital camera with low mega-pixels. As you can see the bride's makeup will vary depending on the lighting. Flash usually results in rather harsh & strong makeup but translates to a more subtle shade in the day.
Here is a final shot of the happy couple in natural light :

Monday, March 16, 2009

Makeup for Breeze Magazine Cover

I am extremely ecstatic!!
This is my first work to ever be featured on a magazine cover!
Thanks so much to Jonathan from Breeze for believing in my talent as well as the fine opportunity to work with one of Malaysia's successful model who hails all the way from our very own backyard.
Behold my latest post
~ Breeze March Issue featuring Cassandra Patrick ~
For those of you who haven't heard of Cassandra Patrick, allow me to give you a brief summary of who she is.
Born in the states & raised in K.K, Cassandra has made her mark in the international modeling arena with many commercial, print & runway works. She is also the Miss Malaysia World 1st Runner Up for 2006/07 and the 2007 Revlon Ambassador.

Going back to the shoot, I personally had to double time myself as I did Mandy's makeup as well on the same day & had another bridal job after. So needless to say I had very limited time!
Anyways, we had Olumis Borneo Batik to sponsor the outfit and I decided to do a very simple yet dramatic liner makeup to give her a high fashion feel.
Based on her outfit, I then used gold pigments from m.a.c to create that warm texture which will contrast with the dramatic dark liner. I then used The BodyShop's bronzing beads to give her that radiant glow on her cheeks & finished off with a medium colored lip color to balance out the color scheme.
20 minutes later.....
Here is the the finished product!!
The supposed cover of Breeze magazine. ( now you know )

Unfortunately the look wasn't commercially appealing enough so we had to re-do the shoot 2 days later. But i'm glad we did, which gave me more time to do a better job!
Here are the results of the second makeup:
Makeup this time was much lighter, less on the high fashion & more on the Beauty! Basically she knew what she wanted and I tried my best to follow her requirements. I don't recall the stuff that I used coz I was busy talking to her and simply went with the flow.
It was a great pleasure to work with her as she shared her career experience with me as a model in KL & Jakarta. Overall it was really great to work with her coz she really has vision and determination!
Behing the scenes of the shoot ~
And FINALLY, the official cover for
Breeze Magazine Issue 14 ( March )
For more details visit
Not forgetting those who were involved in the process of this shoot :
Model : Cassandra Patrick
Photography : Arthur ' the stixx' Lee
Makeup & Hair : Me!
Stylist : Jason B

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