Friday, October 12, 2012

It's Official. My classmate is getting engaged!

I'm so excited!
It's really a great feeling when someone you've known from way back when
gets married.It kind of gives me flashbacks to to the good ol' school days.
Never in a million years did I imagine that I would be doing her makeup
on her engagement/wedding day!
Anyways, here is the lovely Siti Asmah before & after.
Basically she wanted a simple makeover for her intimate engagement ceremony
at home so I did a very minimal day look for her without going overboard.
She basically doesn't use so much makeup so I understand where she is coming from
- In other words, nothing too va-va-voom or unrecognisable.

Here are more photos of her after makeup.
To achieve this look, I did neutral tones for her eyes and cheeks.
The emphasis was more on contouring her face to give her a
 slimmer look not forgetting to give her smoother skin.
A touch of pink was added to her lips to complement her lavender outfit.
Simple Updo since she will be wearing a veil.

Congratulations Girl!

Looking forward to doing your wedding in December!

Till next time,


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Boho Beach - Breeze Magazine September 2012 Fashion Editorial featuring Roxy

Nothing speaks freedom & ease than a day at the beach.
 Last month, I had the greatest opportunity to do
a Bohemian-inspired beach fashion editorial for Breeze Mag's
September Issue featuring wonderful pieces from Roxy!
Here is the final print!

 Models of the day were Devy ( Breeze Model Search Top 7 )
& Felish who also did the makeup for the shoot.
Photographs are by yours truly *smile*
You can check out more BTS photos here.
Enjoy the photos & don't forget to get your copies!
 Till next time,



Pricilla Verus' Wedding Story featuring Mon Amour Collection

I'm Back!
Hope everyone's doing fine at the moment.
Anyway, here's another wedding makeover that I did recently for a friend's sister.
Her name's Priscilla Verus who hails from Penampang 
and here is her before photo and after photos.
For her Solemnization Ceremony, I broke away from the norm
and gave her smokey bronze and gold eyeshadow to define her eyes
and balance out the uneveness of her eyelids.
Her lips and cheeks were kept minimal to not overwhelm her entire look.
Here's a picture of Pricilla complete with sideswept updo.
 In the afternoon,
I retouched her makeup to complement her red gown at her Reception in KDCA.
I changed her lipcolor to red, enhanced her cheeks with a little bronze
and rearranged her hair into romantic sidecurls.

The next day,
I did another makeover for Pricilla during her 'moving out' ceremony
 which is a custom of the Kadazan people for the new bride to move in to her new home.
So for her third look, I did blue eyeshadow with
a touch of pink for her blush & lipstick look to match her second outfit.
Eyebrows were lightned to match her haircolor which was loosely curled.
Her first outfit was a modernized Kazadan & Lotud
inspired evening gown from my Mon Amour Collection 
which I made for the Unduk Ngadau DBKK Gala Night in 2011.

 Congratulations Pricilla & Husband!

Hope you like this post.

Till next time,