Monday, April 21, 2014


Ola Again!
I am back again with another new beauty post and this time it is featuring my makeover for my personal Friend / Air Asia Stewardess / Breeze Model Finalist - Alvira Laurentina!

It seemed like only yesterday when I last met her from the BMS competition and then she became a Flight Attendant with Air Asia and the next thing you know, now she's finally found someone to settle down with! How time really flies before your eyes without realizing it.

Anyway I am both happy and honored that she had asked me to do her wedding makeup and wedding gown as well for her reception! Thank you so much for believing in my talents as well has trusting me with my service. It really means a lot to me!

So without further ado, here are her before and after photos :
Closeup of Alvira's completed Makeup & Hairdo.

This was the final outcome of Alvira's makeover and I'm glad that I'd manage to meet all her requirements without compromising my style of work. Basically she wanted a dramatic transformation makeover but I suggested to not over do the makeup and instead give more focus on the eyes and brows with a softer touch on the complexion for a more radiant look.

 I began by first tackling her round eyebrows by giving it more of a defined arched shape to lift her down-turned eyes. Then I proceeded to create a baby doll eyeshadow technique to create the illusion of bigger eyes and for that added glam, I also added glitter to the lids to make her top lids more visible in photos. I then completed her eye makeup by applying my personally hand made lashes!

Next was her to tackle her blemished skin. Despite all her flaws, I absolutely LOVE her deep skintone, it just reminds me of that JLO complexion! So I blended two different shades of liquid foundation to suit her's medium deep skintone as well as to create that contoured effect. After achieving the desired coverage, I then proceeded to work on giving her that healthy bronzed glow without going overboard with the crazy illuminator which can sometimes translate into looking greasy in pictures!

I have to say that I am super satisfied because all of the photos had no flashback whatsoever! And trust me when I say that my NIKON D90 can be pretty ruthless when it comes to flash photography and as you can see in the photos I posted, her foundation just looks like skin!
I am super happy to have finally mastered the flawless and natural foundation routine for all skin tones thanks to endless trial and error. You may think that it's nothing but the last thing you want is for your bride to look grey or ashy!

To finish this look I used my Chanel Rogue Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Color in 44 La Diva as she preferred a matte finish to her lips and didn't want anything bold like Red or neutral like Peach as her dress was already nude-hued.
Now moving on to her dress!

Before her wedding, Alvira had already purchased some French Lace from Indonesia during one of her trips and wanted me to create a modern Malay Wedding Dress for her reception and this was the final masterpiece!

This practically took me a week to complete and again, I am happy with the finished product and how great it looks on her! I will probably do another separate post for this dress and I didn't have much time to take more photos of the details and more.

So stay tuned for my next post, there's so much in store for everyone! Take care and don't forget to tell me what you think?

Till next time,

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