Monday, November 9, 2009

Wedding of Carol & Mathew

Carol is the elder sister of Janet Rose Awi who got married a month earlier before.They both found me on Facebook and hired me to make them beautiful on their Big Day!
Here are her before and after pics :
For the morning mass, she opted for softer version of a smoky brown for her beautiful eyes. Natural lash strips were added for a wide-eye effect.
Eyebrows were kept neat with a soft brown mascara for that effortless beauty.
Here is a closeup on her makeup :
And she's ready to go after some tinted lipgloss. Simply Gorgeous!

Afternoon Reception
We then proceeded to do her makeup for the reception at Atlantis Seafood Restaurant. I just did a slight makeup touchup to complement her outfit. This time around, a stronger lips color for that extra oomph!
Her hair was then rearranged for maximum comfort and not forgetting to suit her change of outfit. Her hair accessories are from her bridal house. I simply love!!
Stay tuned for the second installment of this post !
Featuring her next wedding reception at Promenade Hotel.

Wedding of Arlene & Nicholas

~ 7th November 2009 ~
Arlene Andrew Bridal Makeover

Here was a makeover which I did for a recent wedding day in Putatan.
Arlene contacted me via Facebook and decided to engage me as her official MUA.
Here are her before & after shots :
Arlene's request was mainly on the styling department and insisted on having a diamond studded headband instead of the usual tiara. I have to say that I admire her taste in trying something more contemporary.
Anyhow, while I was doing her makeup, I realized that she bore a slight resemblance to Umie Aida ( a local Malaysian actor ) - Tell me what do u think?
This was her morning look for her wedding mass at Stella Maris Church.
With focus on glowing skin and a more formal up-do.

~ The Reception ~
A few hours later, she changed into the gorgeous burgundy red dress which reminded me of this year's Miss Vanezuela. Having said that, I drew my inspiration and created this elegant look to give her a more elegant edge.
A slight change was made to complement her second look. Eyeshadow intensity was added for that extra lift and to complete the transformation, a dramatic & rich plum color for her lips.
Her hair was then curled for that volumed and wavy effect.
I then added my personal touch - sort of my personal signature to my creation :
Jeweled Hair Decors which I came up with, after doing some beadwork for my mom's gown.
Its a simple yet darling way to decorate your hair instead of the normal applique.
All accessories seen in this post are provided by my makeover studio at a reasonable rate, in addition to my basic makeover services. All designs are limited and handmade one-of-a-kind.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ragina Wedding Makeover

Hello Lovlies!
Sorry I know its been a while since I last updated my bridal work. I have been really really busy running my new studio and not to mention my on-going appointments.
Having said that, I have decided to make my posts more simplified to make things easier for me to update my works online!
So without wasting more time, here goes in random order

7th November 2009 ( Saturday )
Makeover for Ragina Dile @ Sembulan
A closeup of her makeup.
Makeup was basically kept as natural as possible with emphasis on her beautiful eyes.
Mostly browns & blacks were used to create this look with the Sasha Adams photo-shoot as her inspiration. This look is her pic with her eyes all dolled up.
The highlights for this makeover would be her vintage inspired hairdo which was requested by Gina herself. It was a romantic & loosely set chignon with wavy bangs.
To add a little spice to her hairdo I added a little jewel hairpiece which was designed by me to compliment her entire look.
Will post more of my handmade jewelry soon!