Most Frequently Asked Questions
I've compiled some of the most top - most asked questions by the people that I meet throughout my years in the Sabah Beauty Industry. If you have any question you'd like to ask me, don't hesitate to ask me in the comments section below.

What is your beauty philosophy?
I believe everyone has their own individual look and my job is to enhance those features so they can stand out in their own way. The key is to always go with the flow and be moderate.

What would be your signature style?
IT'S ALL ABOUT THE EYES. You know what they say - "The eyes are the window to the soul" so I love to enhance this area because it is always the focus in photographs. Also I've been getting a ton of compliments on how much of a difference it makes with proper Contour and Highlighting! So I have to say that these are the two major elements that define the Jeffie Jeff Signature which sets me apart from the rest.

What cosmetics do you use?
To start things off let me say that I am a Makeup Addict. I'm never loyal to a specific brand but rather pick out the Best of the Best. I basically use a lot of M.A.C, Kryolan, Maybelline, Revlon, Dior, Makeup Forever and most recently CHANEL! I love trying out new products on the market and see which works best for my clients.

What are your TOP favorite items in your kit?
While updating this section, I noticed that my choices have not changed much over time & think that the following items are hands down my personal Holy Grail Makeup! 
I think M.A.C has great limited edition stuff but their Eyeshadows & Lipsticks are amazing. For the Foundation category, Revlon is still #1. Maybelline is also still hands down the best mascara ever. I LOVE Dior's Lip Maximizer & Highlights & Bronzers and Chanel is great if you want to splurge on High End Luxury Makeup!

When selecting a Makeup Artist, what are the important points to consider?
I think first and foremost, you have to consider the Makeup Artist's Personal Touch because after all, it is the smallest details that make the huge difference! It is also advisable to view their Portfolio to evaluate the workmanship and credibility of work experience. Understanding a Makeup Artists' workmanship will also help you achieve the look that you desire on your big day. Another good tip is to have a conversation with the Makeup Artists to see if you are on the same page & also to find out on how they can help you enhance your look with their makeup style.  I personally believe that COMMUNICATION is vital in any relationship, after all the clients' needs are always important. A good Makeup Artist should always Listen.

Any important tips for brides-to-be?
Never Ever Compromise Your Wedding Make-up! Your Beauty should be your Number One Priority especially when it comes to your big day because all eyes will be on you. It is advisable to book your Makeup Artist in advance once you finalize your wedding date to avoid disappointments! It is important to engage a Professional Artist that possess Skill and Experience who knows the secrets to enhancing your beauty. Some brides rather save money, not knowing that in reality the only thing that matters when looking back 20 years later is that - all you care is about how you looked in your pictures/videos! It is always better to invest more in quality that will last you forever than a lifetime of regret!  Always remember that when it comes to hiring a good Makeup Artist, you are not just paying for 'makeup'; you're paying for Time, Expertise, Attention and Quality.

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