Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Ola Everyone!
I am back with a new makeover post and this time it is featuring my artwork for Masreena Abidin's Wedding Reception at Ming Garden Hotel last 28th of Decemeber 2012!

Masreena contacted me via online to do her Bridal Makeup and Hairdo for her KK reception ( She lives in KL ) and requested me to do a subtle makeover look because she doesn't usually put on much makeup. Plus the MUA who did her KL reception made her look like a drag queen in her opinion, all thanks to overdose makeup application and on top of that her husband didn't her previous makeup look at all because it didn't look quite 'her'.

So basically I gave her sort of a no-makeup, au-naturel look to help maintain her facial characteristics and beauty. Here are her before and after photos :
Ironically I think she looks a little like a fair version of Janet Jackson!

The final finished look of Masreena's KK Reception makeover by me.
Her hairstyle was created based on a picture she had shown me. Her dress is by her KL Designer friend who also came along with her to add the finishing touches to her dress!
So this was the outcome of the makeover and rest assured that the makeup looked much more natural in person compared to this one posted as the 'after' picture was taken after sundown and there was not enough light to capture a naturally illuminated shot like her 'before' picture.

I am happy that both husband and wife were extremely happy! In the words of Sydney ( Masreena's Husband ) - "Ini barulah makeup!"

Although Masreena said she wanted an Au-Naturel makeup look, she did emphasize that wanted her blemishes all concealed so I used a full coverage foundation to give her that porcelain finish! Otherwise a sheer coverage would have been sufficient to achieve the 'no-makeup' makeup look.
Here is a closeup of Masreena's Au-Naturel Makeup Look.

Her brows were filled in to frame her face better but not defined as she wanted it to look effortless. Eyes were a half-smokey cut crease with emphasis on the top liner. Her lower lash line was lightly smudged to awaken the eye area and cheeks given a touch of warm bronzer, no bright colors allowed! Lips were finished with a salmon peach lip color.
Lovin' this candid shot of Masreena! She really does look beautiful, with or without my makeup.
Okay I know that this must be super overdue but better late than never right? As you can see I am trying my best to continue where I left off and I hope that you guys love the changes in my blog and posts. Don't forget to leave your opinion at the comment box below!

Stay tuned for my next post tomorrow where I'll be doing a new Beauty Review on my new babies @ makeup stuff! If you're on my Instagram, you probably know what they are by now. Just drop by again to find out more!

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  1. the bride looks so sweet n beautiful! i like your art =)