Monday, March 23, 2009

Wedding of Daniela & Aloysius

~ 29th January 2009 ~
This is the time my camera was being sent to KL for repair so I have NO personal shots of the makeover process. * sigh*
I do however have some footages of the Wedding compliments of Wendell from, who happens to be their official photographer ( recommended by me! ). As well as from some people who attended their wedding, posted online - Thank God for Facebook!

The Morning Mass : Sweet and Simple
Makeup was kept to its minimal, enhancing the bride's natural beauty.
Morning mass held at Sacred Heart Cathedral with refreshments after the ceremony.

The Evening Reception : Old School Glam Revisited

Day turns into night as excitements steps in.
Her look was about old Hollywood glamour, unleashing her inner elegant diva.
An evening reception to remember at Magellan Ballroom.
This is one of my all -time favourite looks on a bride yet takes some aquired taste to appreciate.
Hair was kept sleek upfront and set into a high beehive to lengthen & balance her overall look. Simple yet elegant, reminding me of the infamous Imelda Marcos and her shoe collection.

The couple marching in...
And they Spoke
They Danced
They Smiled
They Laughed
They lived happily ever after!

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