Monday, March 23, 2009

Trial Makeup for Daniella Kinsik

~10th January 2009 ~
This is an interesting story that I have to share with you!
Daniela was referred to me via a friend's friend and she had a lot of middlemen who did the arrangement for her wedding.
She had about 2 weeks to go and she still has yet to finalize her dress & makeup artist *gasp!*
To cut the story even shorter, she requested for a trial makeup - which is my FIRST in entire experience! But I had to please the sceptics and off course there's always a first to everything.
Its not easy to please a woman but I'm glad that she was fussy because that means that she's a perfectionist and knows what she wants.
So honestly, I was kind of scared of the whole process. It was as if my work was being judged. And to top off the icing, she disclosed that she had previously been to 4 other makeup artists before me! Each of them had promised to deliver but ended up in disappointment.
So I vowed to give her my best. Here are the outcome of the trial makeover :
She recently came back from a trip which left her with very dry & patchy skin so I did my best to neutralize and give her a healthy, even skin tone to smoothen out her look.
I then proceeded to enhance her eyes, which were one of her MAIN concerns - being small. So I did a sample of her daytime makeup to church which was a smoky eye in Browns topped off with medium lashes. Her cheeks & face were then shaded to give them a more contoured and slimmer effect resulting in a very happy customer.
I am indeed greatful for this experience which has shown me that I should believe more in myself and that I am blessed with the ability to transform even the unbeliever. Trust me, this is the most fussiest bride to date! But with this, I know now that nothing is impossible with determination and a dose of foundation and lashes! *Smile*
Thanks for Reading!

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