Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Classmate's Wedding

4th of October 2008
**Wedding of Zodee & Felicia**

Time moves on so quickly and it has been about 10 years since I left school.
This would have been my 2nd time to makeup my classmates (with Mary Ng being the first) who needed my service!
Anyways, it seemed like yesterday when Zodee was sitting behind my desk in class and now it was his turn to get settle down with the beautiful Felicia.
Anyways, here are the before & after pics of the bride :
This would be my typical bridal makeup. Nothing overly done. Just sweet and simple. Lesser on the eyeshadow but more emphasis on fuller lashes to waken up the eye and off course a very fresh base to last the whole morning mass till lunch!
Hair was kept into a very clean bun as she was wearing a heavier veil.
Really loved her wedding dress and that contrasting red roses
The next look is indeed a reminicence of that unduk ngadau feel.
Her makeup was maintained but i couldn't resist changing her lip colour to compliment her overall look.
Here she is with my classmate Zodee, who on that was smiled from ear to ear!
I'm glad that he found his bliss beside Felicia.
Their reception continued into the night and it was my final task to complete the last of her 3 looks which I have pre-envisioned. Naturally her previous hair had to be redone again to compliment her evening look. So for about 15 minutes setting her already heavily sprayed hair curl it into a nice high crown, here are the results :
As for her makeup I did a smoky eye very suitable for the evening look as her day look was more towards natural & healthy earth tones. You gotta match everything ya know!
Looking back at her before pic you'd never believe how pretty she really is and that is the power of makeup! I guess that I finally unleashed her inner-star!

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