Monday, February 2, 2009

Bridal Makeup at Kota Belud

~ 9th of March 2008 ~
This was my 1st assignment & experience working with Seri Pengantin Bridal.
I had the chance to travel several miles north of KK to do the makeup of Donnah, a 25 year old Chinese-Bajau girl who works in KL.
As ordered by the boss, I had to make it as grand as possible so these were the outcome of my work :
Donnah's Engagement Ceremony
Makeup was done rather heavy considering the ceremony was at night.
I used mostly elianto products to achieve this look and played around with a lot of shading & highlights.
~ 9th of March 2008 ~
Donnah's Wedding Ceremony
For her wedding ceremony, she wore the traditional Bajau costume complete with her original ancestral accessories. Her 1st makeup I did a much lighter touch to bring contrast to her already bright outfit.
As for her second look, I decided to rev up the Glam by giving her more warmer & heavier choice of colors to her overall look.
With added intensity to her eyes, I completed her look with a rich lip color.
Hair was set to a more grand hairdo to complement her wonderful crown.

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