Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bridal Makeup at Kimanis Papar

Here's another one of my makeup adventures out of town in the middle last year's June in a far away place called Kimanis.
Due to the travel distance, I was already behind my time and to make matters worse, my boss left out 1 big, HUGE, gigantic detail : the bride was to wear a Javanese outfit with her hair to be set accordingly to their traditional heritage.
( think : now what am I going to do when I was informed that she was going to be in Tudung? ) God help me, I did not bring enough supply of hair pins let alone a single hair extention! arghh~ but with true determination i managed to pull it off. So here are her before & after :
The look was truly a traditional Javanese-styled makeup with traditionally drawn hairline. Had I been informed earlier, I would have brought along ink or face paint but I just had to do with black eyeshadow, a damp brush and lots of water! Thank God for my m.a.c eyeshadow in Carbon.Base was from m.a.c hypereal liquid foundation ( NC30 ) and bronzers from The Body Shop. Here is another half body shot of her:
27th of July - 11am
This time I really made sure I was early. Besides, I've already been there so I didn't really have any trouble finding it.
Anyway, today she was to wear a green toned dress and so decided to turn things around by giving her another look. Makeup was kept to a minimal to reveal translucent skin and an overall glow. My idea was to keep it looking natural but defined especially around the eyes. Lips were kept light and finished with clear gloss.
As for her hairdo, her crowning glory was kept high to bring out the tiara as well as to elongate her face.
Overall she loved it and told me that she has been practising her facials expression to have a nice shot. There's only so much that a stylist or makeup artist can do and it is advisable that you take time to look in the mirror & find out what angle and expression brings out your best!

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