Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bridal Makeup for Berinai Ceremony & Reception

Up next is one of my Seri Pengantin client who got married in August 2008.
Ms. Aisyah - You gotta know how to make 'em younger!
Here are her before & after pics :
On the first night, I did a simple touch for her engagement ceremony where she wore this beautifully lace & beaded baju kurung in white.
Naturally, I did a sheer finish as if she didn't wear makeup and as always focused more on eye intensity by adding a few strip of false lashes.
Lips were colored with a sweet pink to give her that innocent touch.
Right after the reception, she did a quick change into a bronze dress with gold beading accents for her Berinai ceremony which is customary to muslim brides on the night before their wedding day.
Her makeup was adjusted to compliment her outfit, but still maintained the same effortless finishing.
Her brows were not yet trimmed and were filled in with dark brown shadow. Eyes were given a brown & bronze smoky effect and lips to a more earth tone.
Hair was loosely side parted into a bun and finished off with a golden tiara to match her dress.
On the next day, she wore this amazing shocking pink dress!
However makeup wasn't too overdone because I wanted her to have a more youthful look as compared to her natural beauty.
I cleaned out her bushy eyebrows to give them some shape & definition while giving her a more dramatic eye lining to emphasize its liveliness.
No false lash was used but coats and coats of mascara!
Finishing was a radiant pinky glow and light fuscia lips overlayed with gloss.
Here is the radiant bride & me.

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