Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oscar De La Renta Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection Favourites

As a young fan of fashion, De La Renta was never alongside
my list of favourites like McQueen, Dior and Balmain
until his Spring 2013 RTW collection caught on my radar.
This comes as no surprise when “Sultan of Suave,”
“Couture Conquistador,” and “Guru of Glamour”
are but three of the complimentary (and catchy) things the
award-winning and debonair designer Oscar de la Renta has been called
in the course of his long and starry career.

Here are my Top Favourites out of his 60 piece collection.
Loving the flaired top.

The kebaya Nyona-esque lace is too beautiful!

A little too much lace for my liking.
Reminds me of Valentino's last collection.

Something about lace that's so sexy and innocent at the same time.

This applique technique is so familiar, seen it before somewhere.
Love the applique top!

Again, LOVE the top. Pants are too A line for my liking.
Just so sweet. The tweed skirt is so Chanel!

Don't you love bright colors on a dark model? STRIKING!

Gotta love em' feathers!
The dress is so Chanel and shoes is very Louis Vuitton S/S 2012!
I love this dainty piece. 50s inspired but in a modern way.

Love how the flowers gradually drop from her bodice.

It's a little too bridal for me. I would be happy with 2 tiers.

Something about this dress tells me : Drama!
Love the pop of color from her shoe.

Rocker Chic! Loving those LV inspired shoes!

Fantastic monochrome combination.

Simply Spanish. Ole!

True to his roots, this famed son of the Dominican Republic
threw some Caribbean seasoning into the mix,
with an upbeat palette of watermelon pink,
sunshine yellow, and parrot green.
These solids were mixed with vibrant Madras cotton plaids,
slashed to ribbons to create multitiered pencil skirts.
Simply breathtaking.
I'm officially a fan Mr.De La Renta!
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  1. The blue "Chanel lookalike" dress reminds me of the same thing too! Thanks for sharing the updates!

    1. Right?? Very Chanel. You're welcome! Stay tuned to my next few posts!

  2. My faves are the first pic n the last.. =D