Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ANTM Cycle 19

Yes, the wait is over!
America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 is finally here & you will be surprised with the changes.
If you haven't heard, this cycle Tyra decided to do things differently by creating a College Edition to prove that models can be smart & narrowed her search to 30 finalists across the States.
Her opening trailer is totally HILARIOUS!
 Also, the J's are GONE! No more Mr.Jay & Miss J who is replaced by none other than Katy Perry’s stylist and best friend, Johnny Wujek. A former model himself, Johnny knows more than his fair share about producing a phenomenal photo shoot.
This cycle will also see a new panel of judges including PR Maven - Kelly Cutrone and 
hottie male model - Rob Evans.
But wait, they saved the best for last - Please make way for a drama queen!
Blogger BryanBoy has joined Cycle 19 as a "social-media correspondent" for this season.
If you do not know who BryanBoy is, you need to go back to school to learn your Fashion betchis!
 Panel aside, it's time to get down to the contestants. As I mentioned earlier 30 promising girls were chosen from across various sororities, universities and colleges across the US to compete this season.
To kick start, the selected 30 were asked to do a fashion walk-off on a ramp built over a pool and
a photo shoot afterwards to see their hidden potential.
Here are some of the girls who caught my attention!
Nastacia ( right ) totally worked it out!
There's something about Victoria's look that intrigues me.
Definitely my top favourite - Laura. Gorgeous eyes & her mom was Miss Australia in the 80s.
I love love love the look of this girl - Maria.
Out of the 30 girls only 13 finalist were selected to the next round.
Here are the photos of my top favourite girls to win, who made it to the final 13 cut.

I am glad to say that all 8 of my predictions were correct!
*The rest don't matter and are going to be eliminated earlier anyways.


So who is going to be America's Next Top Model?
Stay tuned to the next episode to find out who will be eliminated.

Till next time,

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