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Behind SMOTY Season 4

Welcome back darlings! As promised, here is a follow up of my previous post for Sabah Model of The Year Season 4.

So as most of you who follow me on Facebook would already know that I am the Makeup Artist & Designer for SMOTY Season 4 Finalist Mei May @ Kong Su Mei  for the finals as well as Wardrobe & Makeup Sponsor for SMOTY Season 3 Winner - Valentina Eddie.
Here are some exclusive behind the scenes photo backstage including their individual makeovers kick starting for my makeover for Valentina :
Before & After of Valentina's Makeover.

Valentina with her AMAZING crown! Thank GOD I got to try it before they took it away and yes I got to try it on. Fact number two, I did this dress in under ONE Day together with her!

Full shot of my Elie Saab inspired gown on Valentina. I initially wanted it to be more of a ballgown design however since she didn't want to wear a cancan, we just let the lower part of the gown flow.

Before and After of Mei May's Makeover.

Just a quick run through of her makeup look. 
FACE : I used M.A.C's new Matchmaster Foundation in 3.0 and used the same foundation in 1.0 for Highlight and 5.0 for Contour. To set I used Chanel's Natural Finish Loose Powder in 30 Naturel.
BROWS : I used M.A.C Fluidline in Dipdown and set with The Body Shop's Eyebrow Duo Powder. EYES : using Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette and Lips is finished off with NARS Lip Lacquer in Chelsea Girls.
For overall finishing, I used Chanel's Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder in N10.

You got to contour that face!
Closeup of Mei Mei's Makeup Look. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

For the second and third round, I changed her makeup to compliment her wardrobe with emphasis on Red Lips and more defined eyes.
Next moving on to my wardrobe creations for Mei May. 
This season's SMOTY competition was divided into 3 Rounds. The first round was a dance opening number with introductions ala Miss Universe with red satin outfits provided by the organizers. Round Two was "Cheongsam to The World" which featured creative oriental-inspired costume designs reflecting the origins of the Chinese Cheongsam and finishing with Round Three where it was all about finalists parading in their Evening Gowns.

I did both Mei's Creative Cheongsam & Evening Gown from Design to Execution till the final presentation and here are the detailed results of my masterpieces. A pre-judging session was organized prior to the event to closely evaluate the workmanship of each contestants' /designers' creation for each category.
My creation for the Creative Cheongsam Category which was hugely inspired by old chinese temple architectures.

Back view of my Creative Cheongsam Design.
Evening Gown Creation! 
Among my two creations, I started with this first and finished this to the last hour! I guess you can safely say that I really feel that for this piece, I really challenged myself to the limit ( which means lack of sleep! ) and hands down if anyone were to ask which would be my personal best work, I would be so happy to say that this is The One!
Backstage getting ready for Round Three!

Loving this shot because obviously you can see both the front and back of my masterpiece. And Yes, that entire mess on the vanity table is mine!

Final touches - Sewing the finishing details to my masterpiece just before the runway, just like they do in Fashion Week!

I am super happy that everything that I have envision has finally manifested into a real garment and looking back at this, I am happy that my month of sleepless nights has paid off. My only concern is that I wish that I had added a full round layer of tulle as opposed to draping them like in this picture as it can have a mind of its own! Otherwise I am super duper HAPPY!

Full view of my Evening Gown Masterpiece!
A shot of my Killer Back as I would like to call it. This was the only photo from my camera that was actually clear enough to be posted! Surprisingly I have been getting tons of compliments from a lot of people including the judges on how much they love it!
In the end of the competition, if you haven't read my previous post, 
Mei May won 2nd Runner Up for Sabah Model of The Year Season 4 
as well as another subsidiary title for The Best Catwalk!

The gorgeous Mei May with her awards. Congratulations gal!

Just feel so blessed! It is indeed a step up from not winning anything at all at the last Golden Designers Competition. Amen to that!

Anyhow I have compiled a special collage of all Top 3 Winners in each design category for your viewing pleasure. Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

Round Two - Creative Cheongsam Design

Round Three - Evening Gown Design

So we've come to the end of my post & I hope you guys enjoy reading everything that I posted.Congratulations once again to Mei May on your achievements! I couldn't have had a better model to showcase my masterpieces. Thank you also to Baby for helping me out in completing my creations. 
It really means a lot to me!

Until next season, see you again SMOTY! I am most certainly excited about the theme for next year!
Stay tuned to my next post as I will be doing my first ever BEAUTY REVIEW!

Till then

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