Friday, August 31, 2012

Zaidah's Nikah Makeover

Looks like I wasn't going to have a long and
relaxing Merdeka weekend after all...Duty Calls!
Well at least I do enjoy what I do so that alone
makes life so much easier.
Today I did Zaidah's Nikah Ceremony makeover who actually
hails from Sandakan but works at KLIA 2( I didn't even know that there was a KLIA 2 before this so I felt slightly un-smart. )
But now I know! *smug*
Anyhow this is what Zaidah looked like before the makeover.
Basically she wanted her eyes to appear bigger and
for her skin to appear smooth and even.
Her wedding theme was Purple & Pink so we took that
as inspiration for her look.
And here are the results...
So to give her that wide eye look I did a Black + Purple
eyeshadow from Urban Decay with dramatic lashes.
I gave her face more shape by applying e.l.f studio's Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder and finished her cheeks with a touch of Diorskin Ultra Shimmering All Over Face Powder.
I also fixed her eyebrows to give her face a more polished look.
Lipstick was 'Lucky' from Dior for that soft and
romantic finish.
For her hair I did a simple up-do with a side parted front for a softer look.
Hope you guys like her look.
Till next time, gotta wake up at 4:30am for a few makeover jobs later today. It's so gonna be a busy day for me!
p/s : You can check out more of my makeover works here on my Facebook page.

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